Over 3 Generations of Plumbers

JA Smith & Co. Inc. was established in 1985 by J. Allen Smith Jr. and Gregory J Smith.  The patriarch, James A Smith Sr. started his career in or about 1951 with the W.L. Hastings company located in Elkridge. He Joined J. A. Smith & Co. Inc. in or about 1987 as an employee of the company and work full-time until he retired at age 65. He continued to work for the company part-time until his death on February 3, 2015.

He was a gifted plumber but an even better person, and he is greatly missed.


 J. Allen Smith Jr. started his career with the Garrett & Hidey Plumbing Company in Ellicott city in or around 1976 and started working for J. A. Smith & Co. Inc. in 1985 as the president of the company and worked tirelessly until December 31, 2020 at which time he retired.

We miss him but we are glad he is enjoying the retired life.

Gregory J Smith started his career with the WL Hastings company in or about 1983 and helped start J. A. Smith Co. Inc. as Vice president in late 1985 and is the current president and co-owner of J. A. Smith Co. Inc.

Brett J. Smith started his career with J. A. Smith & Co. Inc. almost at birth sweeping floors, painting equipment and even cleaning in the summers and started full-time with the in 2008. But work from 2008 as an employee and in 2021 purchased J. Allen Smith Jr’s part of the company at which time he became vice president and co- owner of the company.

We are licensed in the following areas: Anne Arundel , Baltimore City, Baltimore , Carroll , Annapolis, Frederick, Frederick County, Howard , Montgomery, and Prince Georges Counties